Organization - Executive Council

Louis Romanet
Brian Kavanagh
Winfried Engelbrecht Bresges
Vice-Chairman, Asia
Jim Gagliano
Vice-Chairman, Americas
EUROPE France (1 vote) Great Britain (1 vote) Ireland (1 vote)
Olivier Delloye
France Galop
Nick Rust
British Horseracing Authority
Denis Egan
Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board
Brian Kavanagh
Horse Racing Ireland
AMERICAS North America (2 votes) South America (1 vote)
Jim Gagliano
US Jockey Club
Drew Fleming
/Breeders' Cup
Jim Lawson
Mr. Miguel
Crotto Sojo
Chairman of OSAF
ASIA (3 votes)
Winfried Englbrecht Bresges
The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Greg Nichols
Racing Australia
Makoto Inoue
The Japan Racing Association
ROTATING MEMBERS (2 votes) representing "developing racing countries", appointed for a 3 year term of office

Mr. Rüdiger SCHMANNS
Direktorium für Vollblutzucht und Rennen e.V., nominated in 2013 by the European & Mediterranean Horseracing Federation

Ms Victoria CARTER, ONZM
New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing, nominated by the Asian Racing Federation