Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Call for off-track bookmaking in Australia

In view of the ongoing betting licenses review, the Victorian Bookmakers' Association is calling on the State Government for the authorisation of off-course fixed-odds betting licences; the ability to offer tote odds; to operate at approved sporting venues; and participate as minority shareholders in any new pari-mutuel (tote) licence.

Victorian bookmakers claim an unfair competiton by Tabcorp, who they believe have been granted better trading conditions. They also suffer from increasing competiton by outer state and off-shore competitors.

According to a bookmakers spokesperson in “The Age”, Victorian wagering industry was undergoing "significant and rapid structural change" due to factors including increased activity by "external" corporate bookmakers on Victorian events at the expense of local operators and changing customer preferences driven by internet technology.

The VBA submission in the licensing review can be found at: