Friday, January 14, 2005Contact: Maurits Bruggink
Isle of Man decision is meaningless

The decision earlier this week by the authorities of the Isle of Man to accept wagers from US citizen can be classified as a PR exercise.

US citizen who want to gamble on any gambling site, domestic or foreign, will need to use banks and credit card issuers for such financial transactions. US banks do not process transactions with off-shore gambling operators, but only with US authorized betting sites. The decision by the Isle of Man will therefore only be meaningful for US citizen with a bank account outside the US in a country that allows off-shore gambling, of which there are not many.

The US policy is very similar to the policies of most countries in the world. Most countries consider gambling as a service that needs particular considerations with respect to morality, public order, compulsive behavior and money laundering. Each country has developed its own gambling law and policy, reflecting the national acceptance of this activity.

The IFHA strongly opposes those who do not respect the jurisdictional integrity of countries. We also oppose those who misuse the internet for their benefit while knowing that, if global trade of certain services would be completely free, few would actually consider establishing on their territory.

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