Friday, July 06, 2007
UK racing body take new steps on integrity of racing

Following a lengthy industry consultation, the British Horseracing Authority published its latest conclusions on a definition of “inside information” and related integrity issues.

Some basic principles that the latest conclusions cover:

  • Passing inside information for reward is not acceptable. Passing inside information, even without reward, could also be a serious offence if it is used for a corrupt betting purpose.
  • Passing negative information outside the horse’s connections is not acceptable
  • There is a need for rules, disciplinary action and sanctions to prevent and deter anyone seeking to profit from using inside information for corrupt betting purposes.

    The HRA Board have announced the following measures:

  • Adoption of agreed definitions of “Inside Information” and amendments to the Rules and Code of Conduct which prohibit the misuse of inside information. These are set out in full at
  • A thorough programme of industry training and education, to ensure that everyone in racing understands the Rules, and what the part they have to play in keeping racing clean.
  • Published guidance for trainers, jockeys, stable staff and owners setting out what is and is not acceptable.
  • Jockeys’ agents being prohibited from laying horses to lose ridden by a jockey they represent.
  • Looking to formalise arrangements to ensure that anyone within the betting industry found to be posing a threat to racing is removed from the industry.
  • Application of the requirements to inform the Racing Calendar Office at Weatherbys as soon as practicable of non-participation of horses, with speedy dissemination to the betting industry.
  • Agreement with the Horserace Writers and Photographers Association (HWPA) to introduce a code of conduct for journalists, with tough penalties for any misuse of Inside Information.

    Further details can be found at: