Sunday, April 04, 2010
Gist of Executive Council

IFHA News No.2 (2010)
4th April, 2010
 The Executive Council of IFHA was convened on 30th March in Paris and several important points were discussed and agreed.
 Here are some key points:

1. New organization and fee structure
Following the presentation made by the Chairman at the last General Assembly about our mission and new structure, modifications of Bylaws were discussed and approved. They will be presented for ratification at the next General Assembly on 4th October, 2010.
Two countries, Sweden and New Zealand who represent voices of “developing racing countries” in their regions, have been appointed as new rotating members with one vote each. Americas has agreed in the last Executive Council not to have a rotating member, by taking the number of countries in the region into consideration, and as OSAF represents all South American countries.
A new fee structure was unanimously approved by all Executive Council members representing each part of the world: Europe & Mediterranean region, Americas and Asia. The new annual fee will be notified to each country by the Secretariat office before the end of April.

2. European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation
The establishment of a new racing organization for the European and Mediterranean countries (European & Mediterranean Horseracing Federation: independent of IFHA) was discussed and agreed in principle.
Mr. Bjorn EKLUND and Mr. Brian KAVANAGH will pave the way for organizing a founding meeting in Stockholm in early June and the invitations to member countries will be sent shortly.

3. Welfare of the Horse
The Executive Council has decided to establish a new “Horse Welfare Committee” which would discuss overall approach to the subject. Progress report will be presented at the next General Assembly in October.
The Executive Council also discussed the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) issue about using non-sterodical anti-inflammatory drugs. “Clean Sport” is the fundamental principle of horseracing and we need to keep close eyes on the developments of this major concern.

4. Mission of new Deputy Secretary General
Newly appointed Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Aki AKITANI will be responsible for Annual Report, updating Statistics, IFHA General News, reviewing website among others.
The Executive Council particularly asked Aki to publish the Annual Report before the end of June.

5. First South American Laboratories Meeting
The 1st South American Laboratories Meeting which was held in Buenos Aires in December 2009 was reported and applauded by the members.
Dr. Houghton, Chairman of Advisory Council on prohibited substances and practices represented IFHA and he was very positive about constructive and valuable exchange of information among participants.

6. Format and agenda of 44th Conference (4th October, 2010)
Draft agenda of the 44th Conference was discussed. It was agreed that the agenda would be finalized after Asian Racing Conference in Sydney and will be sent to members in June.