Tuesday, May 03, 2005Contact: Maurits Bruggink
Korean Police arrests internet gamblers

According to reports by Korean Times, national police have taken action against thousands of people who regularly visit overseas Internet gambling sites. Criminal charges will be put against those bettors who have spent more than 25 million Won (US$ 25,000) or paid more than 100 times with a credit card. Some arrest warrants have already been carried out.

Police estimated a total of 100 billion Won (US$ 100 million) had been leaked offshore due to gambling, including an estimated 25 billion Won through online gambling.

"We’re seeing a rising number of cases where South Koreans register at overseas gambling sites under a foreigners’ name. It’s hard to control gambling sites registered abroad", police said.

Our regular readers will probably be familiar with the position of the international racing community on cross-border betting: it is fine as long as it complies with the gambling laws of the country in which the bettor resides.

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