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(Australian Racing Board) Anabolic Steroids Rule Released

Anabolic Steroids Rule Released
The Australian Racing Board (ARB) has today released its new rule banning anabolic steroids from 1 November and enforced from 1 May, 2014.
The major elements of the rule are as follows and vary in some notable aspects from the policy position announced by the ARB on 16th September, 2013:
  1. Anabolic androgenic steroids are banned from birth. There are no time or therapeutic exemptions of any kind. The ban applies to all unregistered juveniles and registered racehorses until their retirement as a racehorse. 
  2. The penalty for administration of anabolic steroids by a licensed or registered person is a minimum of 2 years. 
  3. A registered horse detected with anabolic steroids will be barred from official trials and races for a minimum of 12 months. 
  4. Where an unregistered horse is not produced to provide a sample it will be ineligible to start in an official trial or race for at least 12 months from the time it is registered and allowed to start in a race under the rules. 
  5. Any person who refuses to produce a registered or unregistered horse to provide a sample may be penalised. 

 “The ban on anabolic steroids has been endorsed by the majority of racing participants who look to the future of the industry,” ARB CEO Peter McGauran said today.
“Fortunately, modern feeding and training techniques in conjunction with developments in veterinary science have significantly diminished the use of anabolic steroids to the point where their application is the exception rather than the rule.”
“However, anabolic steroids which give an unfair competitive advantage have no place in an open, transparent and forward -looking racing industry.” Mr McGauran said.
New AR.15D applicable to unregistered horses and new AR.178H applicable to registered racehorses are attached with the several consequential amendments to the Australian Rules of Racing published on the ARB website.
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