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Racing’s Storyteller in Hong Kong

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Racing’s Storyteller in Hong Kong

Bill Barich is internationally known as an author, screenwriter and essayist. He has written eight books, including the horse-racing classic Laughing in the Hills, and the hugely enjoyable A Fine Place to Daydream: Racehorses, Romance, and the Irish. He joined the HBO drama Luck as a story editor for the character-driven series starring Dustin Hoffman.

Mr Barich's literary pedigree includes a Guggenheim Fellowship in Fiction, and he is a Literary Laureate of the San Francisco Public Library. In 1980 William Shawn editor of the famous journal The New Yorker appointed him as a staff writer. The Sporting Life: Horses, Boxers, Rivers, and a Russian Ball Club complies selected essays from Mr Barich's The New Yorker essays. He has also contributed to Esquire, Sports Illustrated, American Poetry Review, Salon, and Narrative.

Mr Barich is infatuated with the racetrack. In a rare public appearance he will share with the audience at the 35th ARC why he has devoted so much of his literary output to the sport. He will also expand upon his prescription for its future success: "put the horse back in horse racing".

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