Committees - Gene Doping Control Subcommittee

On March 2016, the IFHA Executive Council decided to create Gene Doping Control Subcommittee of the Advisory Council on Equine Prohibited Substances and Practices.

Terms of Reference
To advise racing and breeding authorities on the regulation of gene therapies and to assist in the formulation of strategies and guidelines to prevent the misuse of such therapies.

Mission Statement
The Mission of the IFHA Gene Doping Control Subcommittee is to safeguard the integrity of horseracing and the Thoroughbred breed by evaluating genetic and cellular therapies with respect to potential welfare, safety, performance and breeding effects.

The primary objectives of the Gene Doping Control Subcommittee are to:

- clearly define ‘gene doping’, ‘gene therapy’, ‘cellular therapy’ and 'cellular doping'
- give consideration to present and future ‘gene therapies’ and 'cellular therapies', as required by racing and breeding authorities
- make clear which genetic and cellular practices have no place in horseracing and breeding
- provide guidance for the proper control of legitimate ‘gene and cellular therapies’
- suggest revision to Articles 6, 12 and 13 of the International Agreement of Breeding, Racing and Wagering, where necessary
- recommend systems and policies for the detection of gene and cellular doping in horseracing

Current membership of the Gene Doping Control Subcommittee
- Chairman, Dr Natasha HAMILTON, (Racing Australia, RA) 
- Dr Rick ARTHUR, (School of Veterinary Medicine University of California Davis, UC Davis)
- Dr Peter CURL, (Hong Kong Jockey Club, HKJC)
- Dr Roland DEVOLZ, (International Federation of Horseracing Authorities, IFHA)
- Dr Paul-Marie GADOT, (France Galop, FG)
- Dr Kanichi KUSANO, (Asian Racing Federation Drug Control Committee, ARFDCC)
- Mr. James OGILVY, (IFHA)
- Dr Patricia PORTO, (Latin American Organization for the Promotion of Thoroughbred, OSAF)
- Dr David SYKES, (British Horseracing Authority, BHA)
- Dr Teruaki TOZAKI, (Laboratory of Racing Chemistry, LRC)
- Dr Peter WEBBON, (International Stud Book Committee, ISBC)