Race Fixtures and Results

Race Fixures & Results
Welcome to our database. The database contains information about the main races in each country, classified as Group I, II or III races, and is updates each week. It provides all the fixtures of the past three years and the coming year. It also provides the results, first three finishers only, as they have been provided to us by the IFHA member organisations. IFHA does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of these data.

How to search the IFHA Fixtures & Results database
To begin your search, use the Search Filter on the left side of the page. Start by selecting a country of your choice, then choose which track from the drop down list. To narrow your search, you may input additional criteria into the remaining fields. Click the "Submit" button to view the results.

To view all races in our database, just leave "< ALL >" as your choices and click the "Submit" button.

Explanation of Codes
The following codes are used to give the key characteristics of a horse:
The first number behind a horse name is age, the following characters indicate its colour (B=bay; Bl=black; Br=brown, Ch=chestnut, Gr=grey, R=roan, P=palomino, W=white) and the last set of characters indicate sex: C=colt (male horse aged up to 4yrs old); F=filly (femaile horse aged up to 4 yrs old); M=mare (female horse aged 5 yrs or over); G=gelding (male horse that has been neutered).

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