Committees - International Movement


On September 1990, Lord HARTINGTON - then Senior Steward of the Jockey Club of Great Britain - organized at Windsor, an international forum on horses' international movements in order to deal with quarantine problems which had been acute and numerous in the past.

A month later, at the 24th Paris Conference, the Racing Authorities decided to set up a working group which obtained very positive results especially concerning quarantine problems with USA, Australia and South Africa.

On October 1994, the 28th International Conference underlined the necessity to go one step further in order to encourage international competition and exchange of horses. Then, the Conference decided to transform this informal group into a Permanent Liaison Committee on the International Movements of Horses, by extending its composition with members from Asia, South America and Africa.

The Committee was renamed by the IFHA Executive Council in March 2004 : the International Movement of Horses Committee (IMHC).


The General Assembly of the International Federation held on 2nd october 1995, agreed on the Committee's terms of reference, as follows :

Facilitate the international movement of racehorses,

Follow-up international health negotiations,

Propose to the relevant government departments improvements or modifications to the existing health regulations in order to adapt them to the specific situation of racehorses,

Guarantee instant transmission of health information on disease outbreaks,

Harmonize health regulations incorporated in the Rules of Racing of the member countries of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities,

Implement similar actions for breeding horses.


Members and the organisations / regions represented (as at December 2015) :


Secretary : -

Members :


    • - Dr Brian Stewart, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong


    • Dr Anthony Kettle, Equine International Consultancy, Dubai, UAE


    - Dr Göran Akerström - FEI, Switzerland

    - Dr Khalid Ibrahim Al Yahyan - Ministry of Agriculture, Saudi Arabia

    - Mr Oscar Bertoletti – OSAF, Argentina

    - Dr Peter Curl - The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong

    - Dr Roland Devolz, International Federation of Horseracing Authorities

    - Dr Patricia Ellis, Animal Health Consultant Australia

    - Dr Grace Forbes, Racing Australia

    - Dr Alf-Eckbert Fussel, European Commission SANCO

    - Dr Paul-Marie Gadot, France Galop

    - Dr Necati E Gür - Jockey Club of Turkey, Turkey

    - Prof Alan Guthrie, National Horseracing Authority of South Africa

    - Dr Yousef Kassab, Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club

    - Dr S Mani Karthikeyan - Madras Race Club, India

    - Dr Kenneth Lam - The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong

    - Dr Desmond Leadon - Irish Equine Centre, Ireland

    - Dr John McCaffrey, Racing Science Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    - Dr Jaho Moon - Korea Racing Authority, Korea

    - Dr Jennifer Hall - British Horseracing Authority, UK

    - Prof Peter Timoney - The University of Kentucky, USA

    - Dr Koos Van Den Berg - Singapore Turf Club, Singapore

    - Dr Takashi Yamanaka - The Japan Racing Association, Japan

OIE Equine Disease Free Zone (EDFZ) Guidelines, 2019

The Committee prepared "Guidelines to facilitate the temporary movement of registered racehorses for international races", which was adopted by the 2002 International Conference.



Annual report on health problems by Dr Michel BERNADAC, FNCF, France

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