Monday, September 03, 2018Contact: Andrew Chesser
IFHA Announces Appointments to the Advisory Council on Equine Prohibited Substances and Practices

Louis Romanet, Chairman of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA), announced, effective 1 September 2018, the appointment of a new Chairman and Vice-Chairman to the IFHA’s Advisory Council on Equine Prohibited Substances and Practices (Advisory Council). Dr Terence Wan, Chief Advisor, Doping Control, at the Hong Kong Jockey Club has been named Chairman and Dr. Ludovic Bailly‐Chouriberry, Director of Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH) has been named Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Council.

IFHA Chairman, Louis Romanet,

“Ensuring the quality and fairness of racing in the interest of all industry stakeholders is the most critical mission of the IFHA. Our Advisory Council is the peak body to advise racing authorities on best governance for doping control, to provide recommendations on benchmarks for testing and standards of research, and to promote ways of attaining international uniformity in these areas.”

“For several years, the Advisory Council has been skillfully been led by Professor Ed Houghton as Chairman, and the late Dr Yves Bonnaire as Vice-Chairman. Our Federation is eternally grateful to the vital research and counsel Professor Houghton and Dr Bonnaire provided to global horse racing in the area of doping control.”

“We are extremely fortunate to now have two of the foremost leaders in the research of equine prohibited substances to guide the Advisory Council. Dr Terence Wan and Dr Ludovic Bailly‐Chouriberry have served on this group for many years, both being directors of two of the most cutting-edge analytical laboratories in the world, with Dr Wan only recently retiring from that role. Both the Hong Kong Jockey Club Racing Laboratory and the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH) are among the 5 analytical laboratories that were appointed as IFHA Reference Laboratories in 2017, a testament to their scale of operations, resourcing, research activity and capability to detect the use of prohibited substances, including the major doping agents (MDAs). I extend my warmest appreciation to Dr Wan and Dr Bailly‐Chouriberry in their new appointments.”

It was also announced that Dr Terence Wan has been appointed as Chairman of the Reference Laboratory Technical Committee (RLTC) and as a non-voting member of the Reference Laboratory Appointment Committee (RLAC).  The RLAC decides on the appointment, suspension and revocation of appointment as an IFHA Reference Laboratory for applicants and those wishing to keep their appointment status. The objective of the RLTC is to train assessors appointed by the RLAC and act as a source of counsel to assessors and the RLAC on individual assessments, as well as to provide advice on revisions to the application process.

About Dr. Terence Wan

On 1 August 2018, Dr Wan was appointed as Chief Advisor, Doping Control, at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.  For almost 20 years prior, Dr Wan was Head of Racing Laboratory (Chief Racing Chemist) at The Hong Kong Jockey Club.   In this role, Dr Wan oversaw 64 full time staff in a world-class racing laboratory specializing in identifying the use of banned substances and banned methods in equine, human, canine or camel biological samples from regulatory authorities in Hong Kong, overseas and Mainland China for the purpose of doping control.

Dr Wan’s current international roles include the following: Chair of the Laboratory Expert Group of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA); Member of the ad hoc Working Groups to revise respectively the WADA International Standard for Laboratories Ver. 9.0 and the WADA Technical Document TD IDCR; Convenor of the Working Group on Racehorse Testing of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC); Member of the ILAC Accreditation Committee; Chair of the Analytical Data Review Board of the Association of Official Racing Chemists (AORC) and; Vice Chair of the Drug Control Committee of the Asian Racing Federation (ARF).

About Dr. Ludovic Bailly-Chouriberry

After a MSc in protein engineering Ludovic obtained his PhD in Biochemistry in 2007. He worked during 10 years in Research and Development at LCH for the development of new analytical methods for the detection of protein/peptide-based drugs by mass spectrometry. During this period, he contributed also to the development of the Equine Biological Passport (EBP) which is composed, but not limited to, metabolomics and transcriptomics approaches.

He was appointed Deputy Director of the Laboratory in 2014, then promoted Director in May 2017.
Ludovic is member of both the FEI and IFHA technical boards and the European Horserace Scientific Liaison Committee (EHSLC) in charge of the harmonization conditions for horse doping control in Europe. He is vice-president of the Association of Official Racing Chemists (AORC) and involved in its technical sub-committees. He has published over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals and has given numerous presentations at international conferences.
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