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New Zealand betting on the rise

New Zealand betting figures show a steady rise in turnover. Turnover figures for thoroughbred racing during the first quarter (01/08/04 – 31/10/04) are showing a 7.5% off-course increase ($ 91.5M vs. $ 85.1M) and a 2.8% on-course increase ($ 9.2 vs. $ 8.9M) on the previous year.

Average off-course turnovers per race and per runner over the same period have also grown:

Average t/o per runner off-course: $ 12,493 vs $ 12,019 (03-04) +3.9%

Average t/o per race off-course: $ 133,560 vs $ 131,178 (03-04) +1.8%

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR), the national racing authority, is currently drawing up its three year Stratregic Plan in compliance with the Racing Act. This contains a statutory Statement of Intent, setting out NZTR role and code objectives focusing on integrety, and a three-year business plan concentrating on where and how it adds value.

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