Thursday, July 06, 2006
US race data sold to UK sports media

Equibase Company LLC, the North American Thoroughbred industry’s Official database for racing information, has signed a license agreement allowing UK sports news provider PA Sport, to receive and disseminate North American Thoroughbred racing information in the United Kingdom (UK).

The interest in US racing data has increased since two of the main race course operating companies, Magna and Churchill, have sold their picture rights to Racing UK, the dedicated TV racing channel.

Equibase, which has been the official provider of Thoroughbred racing data to the Associated Press in the United States since 1998, will provide PA Sport with a comprehensive assortment of pre-and post-race information. PA Sport’s head of racing and betting, Jim Donnelley, said the agreement’s significance is magnified by the burgeoning market in the United Kingdom for wagering opportunities on North American Thoroughbred races. PA sports underlines their commitment to protect the intellectual property.”

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