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Asia’s United Vision for World Racing’

With the central theme, ‘Asia’s United Vision for World Racing’ the 30th Asian Racing Conference, held from 20 to 27 May in Seoul, Korea, promises to be one of the best ever held. Business sessions will explore in detail all of the major issues that face the racing industry in the 21st century.

The conference will include valuable briefings on matters affecting the success of racing, but it will also offer participants the opportunity to build business relationships with the peers internationally, and to witness at first hand the incredible success story that is racing in Korea.

“This year’s Conference program is very exciting. It offers delegates a unique chance to observe presentations from leading racing experts on current developments and problems that relate to racing in all parts of the globe” the Chairman of the Asian Racing Federation, My Larry Wong, said today.

The business and operational programs cover a range of issues with some of the more prominent topics including the World Racehorse Rankings, new wagering trends & technologies, drug-free racing, integrity issues facing racing and enhancements in the breeding industry but to name a few.

The Conference also features an unforgettable opportunity to experience the racing industry in Korea, including a major race meeting at Seoul Racecourse and an extensive breeding tour of Jeju Stud Farm. For accompanying persons a program has been designed that will give them a fascinating exposure to Korean culture.

“Seoul has been the venue for a number of leading international events, such as the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and the 2002 FIFA World Cup to name a few. I am confident that the 30th Asian Racing Conference in Seoul will be a great success with the assistance of the outstanding conference and racing facilities”. Larry Wong, Chairman of the Asian Racing Federation.

As at past Asia Racing Conferences a trade exhibition is available to all businesses who wish market their products to the world racing community. This year’s trade exhibition will feature a range of new products from revolutionary training technology to racecourse design presentations.

Registrations for the 30th Asian Racing Conference in Seoul, South Korea will close on Saturday 30th April,2005. See for application:

The Conference, running from the 20th through to the 27th of May, is attended by over 500 delegates from thoroughbred racing countries in Asia, the Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and representatives from the UK and USA .

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