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Mr Aki AKITANI appointed as Deputy Secretary General of IFHA

Aki AKITANI has been appointed as Deputy Secretary General of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA). Aki, 45 years old, will work alongside the IFHA Secretary General Mr. Dominique de Wenden and Mrs. Martine Gaudron. Aki is a member of the Japan Racing Association (JRA) and has been with JRA for 21 years. He has wide portfolio in racing administration including working at London Office, Corporate Strategy Planning, Accounting, Human Resources and particularly international affairs. He had an experience in attending IFHA Executive Council meeting and Asian Racing Federation (ARF) Executive Council meetings when he was working with Dr. Terry IMAHARA, former Presidential Counselor for Foreign Affairs which broadened his perspective on international issues. He will also remain as Chief Representative of the JRA Office in Paris and will have dual responsibilities starting from mid-February 2010. Mr. Louis ROMANET, Chairman of the IFHA said "I am really glad to work with Aki and I want him to use his knowledge and experience to contribute to the future development of the racing industry as a whole. The Executive Council of IFHA is extremely grateful to JRA for generously putting Aki at its disposal on a part time basis for the next three years." Aki commented, "I am honored to be given this wonderful opportunity and looking forward to working at IFHA with such professional individuals as Mr. Romanet and Dominique-san, among others. Thoroughbred racing is an international sport rich in the culture and exciting sporting event. My passion lies with the betterment of this industry globally and hoping to serve IFHA for the future of racing."
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