Tuesday, April 03, 2012
Election of Chairman and Vice Chairmen

The Executive Council of IFHA has re-elected for a term of three years its Chairman and three Vice Chairmen and unanimously ratified the principle of the prohibition of medication in all races

The Executive Council of IFHA was convened on 2nd April in Paris and unanimously elected the incumbent Chairman and three Vice Chairmen for another three-year term which covers from October 2012 to October 2015.

Vice Chairmen
Mr. Jim GAGLIANO (Americas)
Mr. Brian KAVANAGH (Europe)

Louis ROMANET said “It is a great honor to be reelected for a seventh mandate of three years. With the Vice Chairmen, we intend to be more proactive on all the main international issues and especially on the no medication policy for racing.” For this new term, Louis ROMANET expressed his intention to focus IFHA objectives on;

  • Implementing intermediary regional structures at the level of each continental Federation
  • Reinforcing harmonization of racing rules
  • Implementing best practices for the welfare of horses and the security of jockeys
  • Developing more external communication

The following major decisions were also taken :

  • The Executive Council agreed to publish 22 International Screening Limits (ISL) on the IFHA website and to instruct the international harmonization of Detection Times. International Screening Limits are instructions given to laboratories by racing jurisdictions for reporting positive cases of therapeutic substances. Detection Times are advice given to veterinarians to guide their clients before resuming racing after administration of therapeutic substances.
  • The Executive Council members unanimously endorsed the principle of ‘No Medication’ for all races and pledged to encourage all racing jurisdictions to implement this principle.

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