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Urgent Notice to all Licensed Persons on Tipperary Vest (Australian Racing Board)

Australian Racing Board

3rd September 2013


The Australian Racing Board (ARB) hereby gives notice that approval of the Tipperary Ride Lite Vest Standard M6 Issue 5 for use by licensed jockeys riding in races or trials is suspended by the ARB Board effective immediately under Australian Rule of Racing 87B
due to safety concerns, pending further investigation. Further, the use of such vest is suspended for use by all track riders and stable hands effective 1 October, 2013.

These concerns have arisen as a consequence of the ARB receiving expert reports concerning non-compliance of the Tipperary Ride Lite Vest with the SATRA Jockey Vest Standard. Two samples of vests were tested for the purpose of these reports: the first sample comprised used, second-hand vests and the second comprised new, unused vests. In respect of both samples, the expert engaged by the ARB found a failure to meet the safety standards prescribed by order of the ARB.

As a consequence, the Tipperary Ride Lite Vest may be not worn by:
  1. Any licensed jockey in a race or trial at any time effective immediately.
  2. Any track rider or stable hand in any capacity or for any activity of any kind effective 1 October, 2013. In the meantime, track riders and stable hands should consider acquiring or wearing alternative vests if available prior to 1 October, 2013.

Penalties will accrue for any continued use of the Tipperary Ride Lite Vest by any licensed person beyond the dates specified above. The ARB takes this action in the interests of jockey and rider safety which are paramount in the discharge of its duties and responsibilities. The ARB is continuing to work with the manufacturer of the Tipperary Ride Lite Vest to address these safety concerns.

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Chief Executive
Australian Racing Board
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