Sunday, August 10, 2014Contact: Andrew Chesser
Statement from the IFHA (Jockey Club Round Table Conference)

Statement from the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities

Sunday 10 August 2014
Following the 62nd Annual Round Table Conference held in Saratoga Springs, New York, USA, International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) chairman Louis ROMANET, who was in attendance, issued the subsequent statement:

The Jockey Club (USA) Round Table Conference is consistently one of horse racing’s foremost arenas for new ideas, emerging technologies, sharing of best practices, and most importantly initiating reform. This year was no exception, and I had the distinct pleasure to witness firsthand a number of significant measures being undertaken in North America to harmonize medication rules with the rest of the racing world. I must echo my support toward the implementation of the National Uniform Medication Program as quickly as possible by state racing commissions and commend those who already have.

In addition, I offer my sincerest praise to the North American trainers who have endorsed a phase out of race day medication. The elimination of race day medication would further bring the United States and Canada into harmonization with the rest of the racing world. Most importantly, however, it will reinforce the quality and fairness of racing in the interest of both the breed and the public in North America. It is critical that we maintain global public confidence in the integrity of racing and breeding.

It is also encouraging to see organizations such as The Stronach Group take a leadership role in medication reform. Racetracks are a critical component in the reform process, and I encourage all racetrack operators to collectively work together to apply means seeking uniformity and to eliminate the administration of race-day medication.

Finally I must applaud The Jockey Club and its chairman Ogden Mills “Dinny” Phipps, and president and chief operating officer, James Gagliano and reiterate the IFHA’s strong endorsement of their efforts to implement uniformity of rules, increase and enhance out of competition testing, and improve lab proficiency and standards, and penalties. I look forward to welcoming Dinny to Paris in October as the keynote speaker of the annual IFHA Conference to learn the progress of these measures.

In the coming months the IFHA will be working closely with its colleagues from The Jockey Club, Breeders’ Cup, Racing Medication and Testing Consortium, and the Association of Racing Commissioners International on a number of important issues. At the meetings of the International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians and the IFHA Conference in Paris, I am encouraging all participants to examine many areas of harmonization and reform – namely increased lab proficiency standards and out of competition testing. It remains critical that all racing stakeholders, both in North America and throughout the world, move forward with medication reform to ensure the integrity, welfare, and fairness of our great sport.
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